On more than one occasion, I've made a bad shot with my rifle, whether at the range or in the field. Obviously, inaccurate shots at the range are harmless, but a bad shot on the hunt could result in a missed, or worse, a crippled animal.

Timney Mossberg PRThe culprit for inaccurate shots is often the trigger. Everything else can be right with your gun, but a poorly functioning trigger can undo your best effort. This fact is well known to experienced firearms users, but many people see the trigger as simply a conventional part of a gun, sort of like a steering wheel in your vehicle. The steering wheel performs a unique, important function, but all are essentially the same. Triggers are not the same. They vary widely.

Why exactly should you upgrade your trigger? Bottom line, a quality trigger makes the shooter more accurate by eliminating physical factors such as drag creep and heaviness. Less movement translates to better accuracy. A really great trigger will allow the shooter to make the act of pulling it more of a mental decision rather than a physical one. The trigger is an extension of mind and should "break" exactly when the shooter calls for the shot.

Timney Triggers is the answer to a quality trigger. The company, known worldwide as the best-in-class trigger, has been in business since 1946. They are proudly made in the USA. My shooting has improved enormously since I've installed Timney Triggers. Wish I had discovered them a long time ago.  

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