10272548 714281715323775 7344604509178477074 oI hesitate to make this photo public because I need to get to the U.S. Patent Office with this new invention. I'm talking about a nifty procedure to get rid of snow. I call it the Go Back and Forth method with your vehicle. But I really don't have time to work with the Patent people, so I'll tell my friends on my blog.

You'll need a vehicle with four- wheel drive with good tires and a gallon of gas. The technique is thusly: you first sweep the snow from your vehicle roof so it doesn't cascade onto the seats and door pockets when you open the door. Then, you hope it will start it the subzero temp. When started you very carefully drive back and forth on your driveway, skillfully maneuvering the vehicle so you compress a line of snow the width of your tire each time you go back and forth. I have deduced that it takes me 33 runs to pack the snow.

But alas, the road isn't yet plowed by the county. When that happens, the plow leaves a wall of snow 3 feet high along the driveway, effectively trapping the inhabitants of the house until this inhabitant gets out there with a snow shovel and removes said snow. But at least the driveway is driveable, thanks to my innovative Back and Forth method. Pretty cool, huh?