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Dang! There's a train going down the road in front of my house. A pack train. Three mounted cowboys and 14 horses and mules. Seems like a very uncomplicated and relaxed scenario, but packing animals is a skill that you can only learn by doing it, over and over. Knots must be perfectly tied, ropes perfectly adjusted, panniers must be of equal weights on each side, and the packer must know the peculiarities of every horse and mule in the train.

In this case, an outfitter who guides in the wilderness above my house is heading out for the season, taking the stock down to the winter pastures. The animals taken by his hunters have already been transported out. Tents will be aired out, dried, and put away for the winter, along with the saddles, and all the tack required for the equine journeys.

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If you ever want the quintessential big game hunt, try a trip into the wilderness where you'll live in a wall tent heated by a wood stove, where no internal combustion engines are allowed, there's likely no cell service, definitely no wi-fi, and the nearest help may be a couple dozen or more miles away ...... on a horse.