With deer season upon us in most of the country, lucky hunters will have fine venison meals forthcoming. How about our pet canines? They can share in the bounty too, and you don't have to feed them edible meat. Here's a nifty trick to not only get rid of the inedible scraps, but make your dogs happy little campers as well. It's healthy for them too, providing plenty of necessary fat and protein.

dog meat1

Simply put the meat scraps on a cookie sheet. Put in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes. After cooled, cut the meat in small chunks with shears. Put some of these doggie treats in a small Tupperware type container in your fridge where they're handy. Freeze the rest in a large zip type bag. My two labs are crazy for the treats, as are all dogs. If you have a processor cut up your deer, request the inedible scraps. If you didn't get a deer, most processors will give you all you want. In this photo, a tray of raw meat is on the left, cooked meat next to it, and a bowl of cut chunks on the right.