Jim Zumbo is a 40-year veteran as an outdoor writer, and has had more than 2,000 articles and 3,000 photos published. He is arguably the country's most prominent big game hunter, and has dedicated his life to supporting and defending hunting, and describing ways for people to become better hunters in his books, lectures, magazine articles, and TV show, The outdoors is Jim's beat, where he travels more than 250 days each year with rifle, shotgun, and fishing rod. He has hunted and fished on five continents, has hunted all 50 states for deer, every western elk state, most of Canada, and a least two dozen trips to Alaska.

Jim has always been a friend of the common man where many of his hunts have been on public land, and he has made it a priority to help others plan hunts to unfamiliar places. He follows his heart to places in the outdoors with a keen perspective to keeping his travels within reach of most folks. He champions ethical hunting, and is continually reinforcing his beliefs that more youngsters be introduced to hunting. He believes the single biggest threat to hunting is that the average age of America's hunter is getting increasingly older. Jim also is focusing on taking severely injured soldiers on no–cost hunting trips, a program he began three years ago. His objective is to share the excitement,. the successes and failures, as well as solid how-to advice to make your experiences fulfilling and successful, whether you squeeze the trigger or not.

We invite you to sample Jim's works and take advantage of a lifetime of experience in the outdoors.

Of late, Jim has been focusing his attention on severely injured servicemen, most of them amputees. Jim has always been active in taking disabled folks hunting. Twenty five years ago, he was co-founder of the Helluva Hunt in Wyoming which allows disabled hunters, many of them quadriplegics, to hunt antelope. He is still active in that hunt, but more often has been working with Wounded Warriors. In just the past couple years, he’s hosted our military heroes on hunts in Africa, Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming, Maryland, Virginia, New York, West Virginia, South Dakota and Florida.

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